John Mulinde

JOHN MULINDE is the Founder and Director of World Trumpet Mission (WTM), a revival-oriented missionary ministry that promotes transforming revival globally, headquartered in Kampala, Uganda.  He has been called by the Lord to “Blow the Trumpet” in the nations, calling the church to repentance and preparing the Body of Christ for the day of the Lord’s return.  WTM has been a part of the work of transformation that God brought about in the nation of Uganda as seen in the Sentinel Group’s Transformation II video.

Apostle Mulinde is a core elder of the International Council of Elders for the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations and All Nations Convocation Jerusalem, led by Tom Hess. He is an author and sought after speaker on the subject of prayer, revival and community transformation.

John is among the top National leaders who have played a key role in the transformation of Uganda and the church’s fight against AIDS and is widely recognized as the Transformation Apostolic Father of Uganda who has gone on to help in the transformation of Taiwan for her Double Jubilee. He has been traveling the past 20 years sharing this message throughout the world and is currently partnering Brazil, Jordan and USA (Chicago and Florida) to see Transformation in those lands among others worldwide.

He and his wife Sheila have nine children and live in Kampala, Uganda.

John Mulinde is the mentor to Pastor Julius Suubi.